is an opera and theater director

Emma Griffin is the Head of Opera Stage Directing Program at the College-Conservatory of Music's Opera Department, embedded in the University of Cincinnati.

The CCM Opera Department offers a fully funded Artist Diploma Degree for Stage Directors in Opera.  This is a competitive and challenging two-year residency; we look for exemplary candidates of proven ability and experience in the field of directing.  Stage Directors accepted to the program (one per year) will work closely with the faculty to build a course of study tailored to their individual developmental needs; directing theory and practice, acting, musical and foreign language skills, and areas of design and technical theater production are incorporated into the two-year study plan. The program provides hands-on experience, mentorship, readings, viewings, critiques and an active engagement in the artistic life of opera - both here at CCM and in the profession as a whole. Over the course of two years, the students will broaden their knowledge and experience of the artistry of opera through a rigorous application of the practical skills of directing as well as a rigorous and wide-ranging curriculum engaging in conversations about art and performance in the 21st century.

The faculty of the Opera Department works nationally and internationally in the field of opera, and we offer our students access to our network of professional connections. Our expertise ranges from major productions in the biggest opera houses in the world to bold and cutting edge work at the vanguard of the “new opera” movement; we seek out students who will excel at the forefront of a dynamic and changing profession.

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